Lord Norton,

Legislatures and the Courts: The Importance of Place

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Professor Philip Norton addresses the importance of place in terms of affecting the relationship between organs of the state, in this case principally legislatures and the courts.

Robert Blackburn,

The Politics of Parliamentary Procedure at Westminster

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Professor Robert Blackburn provides an analysis of the species of rules and procedures that regulates and facilitates the internal workings of the Westminster Parliament.

John Hatchard,

Some Thoughts on Judicial Integrity, Corruption and Accountability in Small Commonwealth African States

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In this article Professor John Hatchard addresses some of the key challenges that judges in small states face in seeking to maintain judicial independence and uphold judicial integrity.

Yuksel Sezgin,

“Do Not Betray God or Your People”: Negotiating Women’s Rights Under Muslim Family Laws in Israel and India

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In this article Professor Yuksel Segzin will engage the following questions: How do state-enforced Muslim family laws affect the rights and freedoms of Muslim women in Israel and India?

Christa Rautenbach,

"Legal Reform of Traditional Courts in South Africa: Exploring the Links Between Ubuntu Restorative Justice and Therapeutic Jurisprudence"

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In this article, Professor Christa Rautenbach explores the plausible links between three seemingly disparate concepts which often ...

Michael WR Adams and H P Lee,

"Judicial Recusal and Removal — A Comparative Study of the New Zealand Wilson Saga"

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In this article, Michael Adams and Professor H P Lee explore the operation of the practice of judicial recusal in Australia and New Zealand. The rule ...

Adeno Addis,

"Human Dignity in Comparative Constitutional Context: In Search of an Overlapping Consensus"

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In this article Professor Addis closely examines the concept of human dignity, an idea that has played an important role in ordinary conversations, in...

David L. Callies and Chynna Stone,

"Regulation of Hydraulic Fracturing"

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This article examines the regulation of fracking which has transformed the United States’ energy outlook, from a comparative perspective...